China Composite Molding Press

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Product Description
This hydraulic press for molding composite medical parts is mainly used for the forming and pressing process of SMC, DMC, GMT and other materials to meet the requirements of the pressing process. The equipment temperature, curing time, pressure and speed are in line with the process characteristics of SMC materials; PLC control, convenient operation and adjustable working parameters.

The material can be designed, which fully demonstrates the advantages of flexibility, versatility and freedom. The molding process can meet the requirements of fully adapting the material formulation. The type, length, content and matrix resin composition of the fiber can be self-adjusted according to the technical requirements of the product, and the cost performance of the product can be truly optimized.

Our engineers recently debuted a self-contained, hydraulic press system for compression molding composite medical parts.  The press controller consists of a NEMA type enclosure and is mounted on the side of the press system.  The new generation PLC microprocessor system features a 10.5 inch color screen interface. Each press function displayed, including a red light mounted on top of the controller to signify the “End of Cycle Alarm” and press limit switches. The press controller shows a digital readout of press force for sampling concurrent with sampling of temperature. Press force is recorded in the system, as well as time and temperature history which can be used to confirm process repeatability.
Product Characteristics
1. This equipment fully absorbs the product advantages of major manufacturers at home and abroad in the structural design of the mainframe, and introduces the essence of product technology;
2. After the finite element optimization design and industrial design, the whole machine has formed the overall performance and practicality, durability, high rigidity and high reliability of the press;
3. This equipment has independent power mechanism and electrical system. It is controlled by PLC and can be adjusted and semi-automatic.
4. The working pressure of the equipment and the stroke range of the slider can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and the two processes of constant pressure and fixed-length forming can be completed.

Main Specification
Force (KN)
Normal Force5000100001500020000250003000040000
Stripping Force1500200030004000500060008000
Size (mm)
Slider Stroke1400160018002000200022003500
Opening Height1800200022002400240026003000
Working Table SizeL-R1800200026003000320034004000
Speed (mm/s)
Fast Closing300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800
Fast Return250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600
Power (kW)
Servo Motor Power32/7044/13067/15075/20080/220130/260175/350

Significant Cost Advantages
* Raw material and logistics costs are significantly reduced;
* Quick replacement of raw materials and molds, saving labor and time;
* Start consumption is controllable;
* The energy consumption is significantly reduced;
* The whole process is heated once, the cost is reduced, and the strength of the product is improved;
* Waste recycling is easier.

Custom Description
Our hydraulic press for molding composite auto parts parameters can be customized: tailored work surfaces, strokes, openings according to your requirements. Be sure to consult our sales staff before purchasing, and our engineers will re-plan a suitable equipment for you based on your equipment requirements.
As a custom solutions provider, our sales and engineering teams partner with our customers to understand their processing applications and custom design press solutions that meet their specific needs. Pengda Hydraulic composite hydraulic press come in upacting or downacting configurations, with tonnage capacity up to 4,000 and packages for high temperature heating up to 500 °F to produce critical composite components for the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, sporting industries and more.
China Composite Molding Press
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