led tube light

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Features and Specifications
SZAMB LED tube is widly used in Hotels,Meeting rooms,Factory,Office,,Residential house,
Institution Buildings, Schools, Colleges , Universities ,Hospitals,Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting

Components of SZAMB'S LED TUBE:


Just like a child who can walk 20km and burden 50kgs,
but for an adult who can walk 100km with the same weight.  
So the 10*23mil chip size should get longer lifespan,what we use is 10*23mil
The lighting-decaye of 10*23mil,10*16mil,8*18mil after 6000hours under 95℃ ambient .

the Driver we use is ledfriend, which is TUV,ETL,SAA,CB,DLC,etc certified:     

the comparision of different driver:     

The parameter of the driver:

The good qualiy PCB we use:



5 years warranty led tube light
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