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high quality good mobility small cement mixers concrete mixer truck
Dynamic small cement mixer concrete mixer
Mobility Small Cement Mixer Concrete Mixer is also known as the mobile operator mixing station which combines the existing coagulant truck and mixing station functions in one of the coagulation machine processing equipment. Can be on-site construction operations, greatly improving the production efficiency and reduce production time and cost.
Which will lead to a huge change in the concrete industry. Simply provide cement, sand, stones and other raw materials, the remaining to the flow of concrete mixer.
Configuration 2 trolleys, 1 cement tank and 1 water tank, is a small business mixed station.
Characteristics of small concrete mixer with mobile capacity
(1) the main part of the surface only hardening, powder tank and ingredients are steel structure base, the basic steel frame are locked, can be a piece of disassembly transfer. The main car with the trailer design, in accordance with the trailer standard design, with a wheel taillights, etc., can be high speed.
(2) temporary temporary construction intermittent period, the overall temporary, a very small footprint, no need to worry about loss and damage to parts. Environmental protection and high-end machine full environmental design, built-in "pulse dust collector", effectively reduce the dust emissions, the main equipment package, green.
(3) the main space is spacious, activities and maintenance freely.concrete mix
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