Customized Keyboard Controller

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PTZ Keyboard Controller
RS485/422/2323 & Onvif communication for NVR/PTZ/Platform
Product Feature
Pelco D, P Protocol ingerated.
Marco function, it can grogram complicated Function on some simple keys.
Can upload and program firmware of Marco and Other function key from PC directly.
Can receive alarm information from matrix toTrigger other auxiliary operation or relay3.
Operation Display: 240x128mm LCD by icon With 3D or 4D joystick.
Display Method: 240x128 mm LCD
Communication: RS-485, RS-422, RS-232/ Ethernet 10/100M.
Communication Speed: Can set
Connection Method: RJ45
Pantilt Control: 3-asis joystick
Power Failure Protection: 10years
PM5100K series is universal keyboard Have RS485/422/232/onvif communication for Matrix/ NVR/ PTZ/Platform, with Pelco D, P Protocol to be compatible to popular platform.
CommunicationRS485, 422, 232, Ethernet
Power failure protection 10years
Working temperature-10 to 45 degcelsius
Weight1.5kgsCustomized Keyboard Controller
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