altitude sickness

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how to treat or avoid altitude sickness upon arrival quito aeroport ?
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Ecuador is a beautiful country, diverse, taking into account some basic recommendations: the time of year, length of stay and the type of tourism, if adventure or relaxation.

- It is very important to move slowly and not do heavy physical exertion.
- Ideally, rest a few hours after landing.
- If you feel you lack oxygen, can apply at the same airport.
- You should avoid heavy meal and / or heavy, soft drinks, Coca Cola, coffee, cigarettes.
- Applicants must submit Glucosada Coramina pills, which can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy. Put a pill in your mouth and feel rapid improvement
- Always take a cup of hot lemon matt, after meals and at night it is advisable to be a mate of chamomile or anise.
Do not wait to feel very bad to request oxygen. You can find it in some hotels, pharmacies and hospitals. If you do, ask for oxygen at a flow of 2-3 l / min.

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